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10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

10 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

You know you need to be posting regularly and staying relevant… but eventually, you might feel it’s getting a little old. If you are feeling that way, then chances are your followers might be having

similar thoughts. So let’s look at some ways to change up your feed and put that spark back out there.

1 - Don’t forget about your bio.

A lot of people will forget or neglect to fill out their about section. Don’t do this! Many times this is someone’s first impression of you when they find you on social media. You don’t want to miss out on that opportunity to let them know that they are in the right place and that they should stick around.

2 - Host a contest or giveaway.

A giveaway or contest gets followers excited to respond and engage with a brand. Make sure you are hitting your target audience with a prize that they will be excited about. If men in college are your audience, they won’t always be excited about a cookbook.

3 - Change your profile or cover photo.

This draws attention to yourself and keeps you looking fresh. On Facebook this can also show up on follower’s feed, but make sure after changing your photo you hide the post from your page! You can create a graphic to advertise a contest and then you get another chance to grab your audience's interest.

4 - Run some Q & As.

This gives dedicated followers a way to engage and learn more. It also gets new followers curious about your brand. You can gather questions in comments or you can ask them to respond to your story. Then you can answer the questions in your stories or by going live.

5 - Go live.

When you go live people are notified right away. You can go live with those answers from the Q & A. You can also go live with a big event for your business. Another idea is having “inside looks” where you show behind the scenes business.

6 - Pick some quotes.

Find some quotes related to your business or your company’s values. Style them in a graphic that matches your brand look.

7 - Post fill in the blanks.

This is when you leave the end of a sentence blank for readers to comment on how they would finish it. You can create a graphic with the sentence on it, or you can put it in the caption of another picture. For example:This weekend I cooked __________. What new recipe did you try from our new cookbook? Leave the answer below!

8 - Try a “caption this”.

Post a picture without a caption and ask your readers to caption it for you. People love to be funny and witty so give them a chance to show off.

9 - Create a Unique hashtag.

Create a hashtag specifically for your brand. This is a branded hashtag. You can also create a hashtag specific to a contest you are running or a certain kind of post you do. For example, you could hashtag Q & As as #lessonsfromlisa. Something memorable and fun.

10 - Host a take-over.

A take over is when you have an influencer take control of your account for a day or a week. They will choose the content to post and speak as themselves. This is a fun way to change things up for your followers. Also, if you get the chance to take over another influencer’s account it gets you in front of a new audience. Then when you stun them with your unique personality they will follow you right back to your account.

One of the most important things with social media is to have a plan. You want to make sure all your efforts are working together towards your business goals. So make some goals, make a plan, and keep the strategy and ideas fresh.

Looking for some specific new ideas for your business? We would be happy to help! Reach out today to get your custom ideas.

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