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Generation Z: Memes, Screens, and Everything in Between

Generation Z’s are the catalysts for the wave of social media engulfing the world. Born between the years of 1995 and 2012, Gen Z’s do not just use social media as a form of entertainment, as it has become a powerhouse source for media in general. Marketing to Z’s through social media is the most effective form of communication that they don’t even realize they are looking at.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for creating the best social media marketing campaign for your business tailored to Generation Z’s!

1) Size IS Important

Marketing is fading through the print world and revolves solely around screens. More specifically, Think With Google recently classified Generation Z as a mobile-first generation, more inclined to spend time on their smartphones rather than computers or televisions. Create advertisements first, then make them optimal to smartphone sizes versus computer sizes. Additionally, users cannot stand when websites are not always conducive to smartphones. Entrepreneur knows How to Make Your Website More Mobile-Friendly.

2) Chit Chat through Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the quickest forms of communication with an audience. Generation Z takes pride in this unique form of social media that seems to scare an older generation with its seeming privacy and confidentiality of disappearing pictures, videos, and chats. Companies can create filters and advertise giveaways and live events on their stories. As the NBA did in 2014, Snapchat is prime for exclusive coverage and promos only followers can receive.

3) Instagram Stories

Similar to SnapStories but a few years younger, Instagram Stories are up and coming as effective short form videos for Gen Z’s. Social Media Today took a look at the statistics of this new live method of communication in Instagram Stories Now Up to 250 Million Daily Users, Increasing Pressure on Snap Inc. The upside of Instagram’s new feature is the ability to post on the company’s page to alert followers to keep an eye out for the story to follow an event, a contest, seminar, etc. Snapchat does not have something like that just yet!

4) Keeping Up With the Times

Generation Z is known for its lingo and the meme culture. TIME examined Why Dos Equis' 'Most Interesting Man' Ad Campaign Was So Successful and they exposed its popularity arose from Gen Z’s taking the easily modified slogan “I don’t always X, but when I do I do Y” and applying it to any and every situation on local and universal levels.

5) YouTube

It’s accredited for Justin Bieber’s fame and it can do the same for any company! As YouTube Could Be About to Overtake TV as America’s Most Watched Platform, it is prime real estate to market your company Fortune verified. Testimonials from clients, as well as information specific to your business can generate a lot of heat and popularity on YouTube with the right tags, sharing, and series marketing strategies.

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