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I’m a Small Business. Do I need Social Media?

Short answer, yes! Long answer, of course! As the technology behind social media is growing every day, so are the people interacting on it looking to find new places, people, and things to keep tabs on. While Cathy’s Coffee does not have 1.2 million Instagram followers like Dunkin Donuts, Cathy still needs to be alive and well on her business’s social media.

Huffington Post’s study showed that about 36% of consumers are less likely to do business with small businesses that do not have a working website and sometimes even just social media. Foodies and coffee enthusiasts want to be positive Cathy has the best coffee and atmosphere in all of town. Some consumers seek out places with the best menus and best ratings, but none of that will be found unless there is working and updated information. Posting daily, or even multiple times weekly will be sufficient. Just something to say Happy Cappuccino Tuesday, from Cathy to you.

It will be nearly impossible to compete with Dunkin Donut’s as far as numerical following goes, however it is very easy to create a bond with your local following, a disadvantage that a worldwide corporation does not have. Market Community found that many large businesses had a low engagement rate with their consumers which means less personalization for the product purchased. Posting about local events or sponsorships is a way to make sure your audience knows you are connecting with the community as a whole. Replying to comments on posts is another way to prove your active presence to individuals to continue building that personalized product.

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