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Keeping Social Media LinkedIn

LinkedIn can often be one of the most overlooked and forgotten forms of social media. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, LinkedIn has a seeming sole purpose of acting in place of a resume. LinkedIn’s purpose is to stay up to date with someone’s professional, and only, professional life. It is not a place to keep every one of your contacts informed of your latest vacation, baby announcement, or terrible train ride.

While many know LinkedIn is for personal use, not many are too familiar with their new Company Page. Companies were suffering because they were not being professionally connected on LinkedIn like personal profiles are. Now, businesses can be professionally represented without the burden of being tagged in photos, or having comments or posts linked to their site.

LinkedIn mentions the most effective way to build a clientele for your company is through a strong LinkedIn company page. As employers use a profile as a resume for potential job opportunities, customers use a LI company page to gain a thorough, and official understanding of companies such as law firms, media companies, and advertising agencies. Forbes makes a very strong statement, in their article 4 Things You Really Need To Delete From Your LinkedIn Profile Today, that old recommendations on a LinkedIn need to vanish. The same principal stands for outdated testimonials. The best lawyer a decade ago may still be the best, her audience just wants to know that she’s still the best 10 years later.

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