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How Google Is Navigating Through Apple’s New Safari

For those Apple lovers out there, June is like a second holiday season. It is when Apple makes their yearly conference where they make promises about the latest and greatest things coming to Apple. Last June they discussed making Safari better equipped with ITP, intelligent tracking protection, debuting this fall. ITP will eliminate third-party sites gathering the user’s browser data, often called “cookies”, making Safari users feel more protected using Apple's browser versus Chrome or Foxfire.

Google responded by adapting their strategy for Google AdWords and creating a first-party cookie that will abide by Safari’s new ITP. Previously, AdWords was a reporting and conversion cookie which was run through the domain, considering it a third-party site. Google’s new cookie, called “_gac”, will be set through the advertiser’s domain, making it a first-party. Chi Hea Cho, a Google spokesperson said “Our goal is to limit interruptions to our users’ experiences and to preserve our partners’ ability to evaluate their investments in digital advertising” in Google’s official response.

While Apple continues to update and change their software to demonstrate loyalty to consumers, Google has created the perfect response to please their customers as well. This showcases the continual change in the marketing world and how companies constantly need to adapt. Similarly, marketing strategies themselves need to continually adapt to keep up with the ever-changing world.

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