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Strategically Market on Pinterest

Pinterest, while not as popular for advertising as Facebook and Instagram, has been slowly growing over the last few years. It combines many different tactics from other popular platforms making it unique and giving you another perfect means of marketing for your ideas and business.

Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, Pinterest is photograph heavy. Stray away from the traditional square or slightly rectangular picture space more frequently used on social media. Pinterest offers users a long photospace most people are not familiar with. Utilize the length of the photo space you are given by creating tutorial based photographs that are more likely to catch the eye of a viewer. If a step-by-step tutorial can be summed up in one picture, it will seem simple enough to achieve and an audience will be willing to share it and pin it to their board. Check out Pinterest user Poppytalk’s board of their favorite tutorials for inspiration.

While Twitter limits character count, Pinterest supplies as much space necessary to describe your photo. Even though there is no character limit, by having around 150 words for a description you will capture attention and give detail while still keeping things concise for people to reshare directly on Twitter.

Collaboration is key on Pinterest. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, you are able to repost something from another user which changes the photograph heavy social media game. By joining what Pinterest calls a “group board”, you have now increased your reach to the entirety of that group. Maximize Social Business discusses group collaboration and its effect on your outreach. Additionally, keeping a steady ratio of original pins to repins is crucial. Your audience wants to see that you are also keeping up with others boards and working together with them.

If you have not not already, download Pinterest and start your first board today!

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