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8 Hints to Help Your Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most frequented platforms for social media. We have created 8 hints to help you get the most out of Instagram and build your brand’s following.

  1. Introduce your brand and its background. Whether it is an initial post or embedded in the profile biography, make sure your followers can easily track where your company started, where it has grown to, and where you are looking for it to go. In “How to Write Brand Stories that Build Emotional Connections”, Forbes emphasizes the longstanding effect that your brand story can leave on your audience.

  2. Stay involved with your followers. Start by following back and replying to comments others make on your page. Users will feel more inclined to interact with your page when they see you have responded back to someone else. Commenting is key. As you come across others with shared interests, say something to them!

  3. Hashtag nearly, but not, everything. Hashtags are a great way to improve your SEO and gain a following searching for your specific tags. However, it is not advised to go overboard on the hashtags. #It #Will #Make #Your #Post #Look #Crowed #And #Not #Customized. In addition to tagging other things, Digital Branding Institute suggests creating a brand specific hashtag.

  4. A creative caption can go a long way. Sometimes small and catchy will gain more likes and following rather than a long and detailed caption. And sometimes a lengthy company message or a shout out to a follower will have a lasting effect on the audience.

  5. Keep content original. Post real photos of your company rather than stock photos or create them with graphic design tools. Snappa, Canva, and BeFunky are all easy, free, online platforms to generate simple and original images. Fun generated images are nice to post between self-taken photography highlighting clients, and the company in general.

  6. Post content exclusive to Instagram. Many followers on Instagram likely follow your other platforms for social media as well. They already liked the same post on Facebook so when they come across the Instagram version, it is ‘been-there-done-that’ and they keep scrolling.

  7. Host contests. This is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience. Everyone loves a chance to win something for absolutely free. People also love telling other people about free things. Creating the contest so that the contestant must like the page as well as tag 3 friends who will in turn also like the page, is a sure way to build an audience and draw direct attention to your page. Short Stack gives you “4 Things You Must Do Before Hosting an Instagram Contest”.

  8. It’s time to post! Review your social media analytics for the best time to post and interact with followers on Instagram. It may surprise you that not all social media platforms have the same sharing time. See what The Daily Dot considers “happy hour”.

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