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Instagram Insights

Instagram has developed into one of the most versatile forms of social media since its start in 2010. It has adapted Facebook’s style of unlimited text space, Twitter’s use of hashtags, and more recently, Snapchat’s idea of posting stories. These ideas combined with a mandate of sharing photos, established Instagram as a powerhouse social media platform.

While it might not be voted “most original”, Instagram creates a universe for your company’s marketing to thrive. Understanding your brand’s personality is important when posting on Instagram. Finien can help guide you into your search for your brands personality. This includes everything from its color scheme, to its fonts, and its unique photos. Using adjectives used to describe people are helpful in identifying its personality. Sassy, energetic, and tough are brand personality appropriate.

Although originated on Twitter with other platforms quickly following, Instagram’s capabilities for hashtags are vastly different. Instagram is capable of housing up to thirty hashtags in one post. This may seem like overkill but, most users and especially businesses have no problem maxing out that feature. Especially when there are brand specific hashtags created. Coke-a-Cola is known for its #ShareACoke campaign. Its success stems from Coke’s ability to create a new hashtag that only makes sense in the Coke-a-Cola context.

As parents, partners, and best friends have certain expectations for the frequency of communication from you, your audience shares similar sentiment. Now that Instagram filters by what it thinks you want to see first, The Media Captain suggests following the schedule of the news. Morning, afternoon, night. Audiences will react differently but following this method your business is likely to catch the your followers attention at some point throughout the day.

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