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How Analytics Will Build Your Business

Social media data analytics can seem like scary territory for business owners that are new at it. Since most social media users do not use metrics, businesses feel like they do not need to either. Here are our top three reasons why analytics are a must in your social media campaign.

  1. Shows you what posts are the most successful. First and foremost, looking at your social media analytics will allow you to not only see that the funny dog video was your most successful post, but it will give you the clearest idea of what posts are the most successful. It might be posts with videos, or a lot of hashtags, or maybe posts that use a lot of emojis. You can then use these results to shape posts moving forward to obtain the best results.

  2. Gives you benchmarks. By analyzing the average and median likes, shares, and reposts of previous posts you can see the potential of each. If you are planning on posting a photo, you now can see what the predicted number of likes, shares, or reposts is. It will allow you to share it and bump it to the top of the profile to gain the optimum attention.

  3. Tells you the best time to post. Every website says something different. In truth, the best time to post cannot be determined until you look at your specific audience on a specific social media platform.

Social media analytics are the most effective way to gauge how your audience interacts with your posts and in turn, interacts with your company.

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