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3 Tips for a Strong Brand Strategy

Branding a company is critical for each businesses success and is more than just picking out a slogan and logo. A company’s brand is its identifiable traits that set it apart from other companies that provide similar services. A brand strategy is tailored based on the needs and specifications of a company. They contain measurable, long-term goals for the success and growth of the company’s traits and successes. Here are three things to keep in mind while developing your brand!

  1. Keep your awareness up. Stay constantly aware of other companies and their brand. If there are 3 other musical diners in town, maybe your diner should be a murder mystery themed diner. See this brand strategy comparison of Pepsi vs. Coke.

  2. Commit to your brand. Once your brand is developed, it must be maintained. Often a style guide is used to maintain continuity from post to post. It can be used for graphic design, or social media posts, or print advertisements. Keep the same font’s, brand hashtags, and color schemes.

  3. It is okay to redefine your brand! If you begin with an idea, and find that it is not working, you can always redefine it. Here is a long list of other companies who gave their brand a facelift.

Without a strong brand strategy, a company has no purpose. If your brand is humorous on social media, your purpose in each post is to make your audience laugh. Why post if there is no end goal? How can you become the leader among competitors if your company has no purpose?

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