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Interact with Customers Today On #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

Customer interaction has proven to be the leading cause of loyal and pleased customers. While many companies strive to put on happy faces and greet their customers in store, they are failing to properly interact with customers online. Interaction with customers in many forms is vital to business success. New customers are more likely to patronize your company based on referral.

Creating a hearty and dynamic profile for your target buyers are a great way to understand your customers. By creating this profile you are more strategically tailoring your products to this demographic. Utilize your analytics to see what keywords drive people to your website or social media pages. With this data you can create larger categories these words to fall into which will guide you to a target buyer. Google Analytics is a reliable and useful source for tracking keywords and other information from your customers.

The best place to begin is on your social media platforms. Social media is the leading source for marketing and the largest place for interaction between companies and customers. Through social media you can directly engage with customers that have reached out to you. @Suzi220 thanked you’re the delicious wine she purchased for a Ladies Wine and Paint Night. You have a perfect opportunity to interact with her to say you’re welcome and offer a free bottle the next time she purchases for a Ladies Night.

Be sure that each post, reply, or email is dedicated to that customer. No one likes a generic few words that were sent to everyone else too. @Suzi220 would have likely liked a generic reply of “Glad you liked it!” But by taking a few extra moments to creatively craft a personalized message to your customers will allow them to feel respected and valued within your business.

Asking customers for feedback is productive for your business and effective to interact with your customers. Creating a short, concise survey to include in a mass email to your contact list will make customers feel heard and more inclined to patronize your business again in hopes changes might have been implemented. In conjunction with viewing their feedback, create a loyalty program for your company. A reward stamp card where after 3 white, 3 red, and 3 pink stamps, you can get a bottle of Champaign free. This will allow you to see repeat customers, and it will also allow you to notice that no one is buying red wine or white, and you can prompt a question to your customers.

Take the results from the surveys, alongside online or in person reviews, to your company’s heart. Implement these suggestions as you see fit and give credit where credit is due. This will not only make the unhappy customer happy, it will make future customers see your dedication to the customer’s experience with your business.

A final, effective way to get to know your customers today is host an impromptu event in your location! Have a free wine tasting event and market it on your social media. Customers would love to see a sporadic event that they can attend. They would love your social and welcoming environment today!

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