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Should Snapchat be Your Go-To Social Media?

A Snapchat social media campaign is a very effective way to reach your audience. Only if your company’s target demographic is on Snapchat. Here are the best reasons to promote on snapchat. Knowing what Snap Story, Geotag, filter, and Snap Map mean are crucial to navigating the Snaping sensation.

1. Do you have an audience under the age of 25?

Snapchat is foreign to a crowd less versed in the art of social media. While many older social media users take to the fairly familiar Facebook, Snapchat has become a leading platform for younger audiences. It is the place to market pop culture, teen clothing, and more specifically Business of Apps discovered that 70% of users are female so it is a place to market female targeted items.

2. Do you have live events to cover?

Snapchat is an ideal place for backstage coverage. High profile companies that have A-list celebrity guests should opt into utilizing Snap Stories. These quick videos that stick on your followers contact list for 24 hours are an amazing way to make your followers feel involved and give a backstage look at what is happening behind the scenes. It is also a great place for social media specific interviews with guest. “See our Snap Story for an exclusive look at…” is one way to go about it. Or simply using the Geotag of a Grand Opening event.

3. Do you have a new line of products to promote?

Snapchat is the perfect place to mass post pictures without your followers having a crowded feed. You can easily add each item to a Snap Story and make sure your followers see them all. Business of Apps also surveyed students and found that 58% of students would likely purchase a product that they received a coupon on Snapchat for.

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