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8 Wonders for a Welcome Email

'Tis the season for customers to come to your store and sign up for an email list! Traffic of consumers is very heavy at this time of year so make sure to let them know about your email list. Here are strategies for sending a welcome email!

  1. Keep the subject line short Having a super long subject line can easily turn people away and make them feel like they are receiving a general, automated email. Make sure while it’s short it's also catchy!

  1. Send it ASAP! It is easy to forget you signed up for email updates and when you finally get an email 3 months later you're more likely to unsubscribe because you’re not sure where it came from. But an immediate email will jog the memory. It will also allow the viewer to see other products or services that they forgot to investigate at the time of signing up.

  1. Personalize where possible This can tie into the title. It will be nice if they see their name in the subject line, or at the beginning of the text. It will make them feel like someone somewhere personally created this email for them. Maybe even direct them to complementary items to those they bought the day they signed up.

  1. Know where you are directing them What part of the site will they be guided to? Are you also informing them of an upcoming event? Is there now a rewards club they should join? There is no point trying to abridge the entirety of your website in one email. Guide them to somewhere important immediately. Do not add in your latest sales or holiday promotions. Wait for the weekly email to do that.

  1. Set expectations Let your new audience know of the commitment you will be giving to them for subscribing. Include details such as how often they will receive emails, the likelihood of event invitations, also assure them that they are now part of a community by joining this list.

  1. Engage with them If you promised a welcome gift at the time of sign up make sure to send it or a claim voucher in the welcome email. If you didn’t already promise something to them, surprise them with a Thanks For Signing Up discount on their next purchase, coupon, or just a free gift! They will be more inclined to keep opening emails.

  1. Get them involved

​Suggest they share the email list with a friend possibly for an extra discount or coupon. Add your social media links to the bottom of the page, or even outwardly remind them to follow your pages for exclusive information as well. A key way to get them involved is to create a survey in the email.

  1. Don’t forget to add us to your contact list! Emails often are programmed into a contact website and the sent out to an entire list of followers. In the welcome email remind followers to add the sending email to their list so it is not automatically sent to spam.

If you are looking for help with your emails, contact us TODAY to schedule your free call for a social media evaluation!

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