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Four Ways to Market for Black Friday

Black Friday is no longer just the day after Thanksgiving, rather it is more recently being observed as a national holiday. It marks the near end of what feels like fall and the start of a month of holiday shopping sprees. Here are ideas on how to make and keep customers this holiday season!

Send Abandoned Cart Reminders

During this hectic season, it is essential to remind customers of forgotten items in their cart. By sending an email reminder, you are 33% more likely to make a sale.

Gift Ideas

“Shop our hand-stitched sweaters for Mom, now 25% off!” If we didn’t know what to get Mom before, we know now! This gives your customers ideas for loved ones they are still searching for and also promotes products for gifts or themselves. Fitbit sent out their Holiday Gift Guide and included a spot for people that are treating themselves!

Sale Announcements

Do not be afraid to Tweet, post, or email multiple times a day to keep your clients updated on the most recent sales! Use your social media to gain email customers by only announcing flash sales through the email blasts. Flash sales are a great way to get people looking at products and buying them quickly.

Referral Program

Customers are always quick to sign up for mailing lists when a coupon or additional discount is offered. A referral program works the same way! Use your social media to get followers to tag 3 friends in a post for them to receive an exclusive e-coupon to use only one weekend! This will attract attention to your website and force customers to buy quickly.

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