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ABC’s of Better Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is more than making your name known. It is attracting the attention of people who may not consider a company like yours and more importantly, keeping their attention on your business. Do you ask to borrow Chap-stick or lip balm? A Coke or a cola drink? A Q-tip or a cotton swab? These are brands that have made themselves so commonly known they are used generically. Follow these steps to bring your brand to Kleenex status.

Approach other companies for partnership opportunities. This method can be highly effective when collaborating with a company that has a similar following to you, as well as a company with a completely different audience. Get creative with ways another company can complement yours and how you can easily compliment another company.

Begin telling stories to your followers, and make the stories about them. Extra is now known for their commercial that follows a young couples love story. People can relate to needing a piece of gum before getting to close to their special someone or anyone at all. This commercial got a lot of people talking and put Extra high up in the gum market again.

Consider a referral program to increase brand awareness. By making certain features or your entire business a “By Referral Only” program for a short time, you are guaranteed to build a buzz around your company. We all want what we can’t have, so as soon as it becomes open to the public people will likely come running.

Start with these basic brand awareness strategies to see your business flourish! Click to schedule your free call for a social media evaluation!

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