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Make 2018 More Personal!

Nothing says “New Year” more than a new approach to marketing! Make 2018 the year where your media will be more personal. Personalization comes in many shapes and forms. It can come via emails, videos, and of course, social media posts! Follow a few of our personalization hints to create a new strategy in the new year.

While sending mass emails is highly effective, use the new year to budget a bit more time to craft a handful of emails for various personas. Categorize your contact list to fit as best as possible into these personas possibly by collecting some initial information at the time of email sign up. If you still have some time, add each recipients name to the top of the email!

2018 is the year where clients no longer receive emails from “” and no longer only see tweets from @Company and start receiving emails from “” and tweets from @JillsCompany. Audiences are more likely to respond and interact with a face than to a logo.

Finally, social media is a big player in marketing and making your audience feel comfortable is a must! Begin implementing personal responses to comments on social media and skip an automated message everyone gets. When it comes to a complaint, audiences want their opinion respected. And when it comes to a compliment, audiences love to hear your appreciation for the company, and hey, maybe a coupon too!

Personalization has many benefits for your company, including insights as to what marketing messages are successful, creating trusting clients, and introducing important company figures to your clients. Begin your personal approach for 2018 today!

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