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The Latest Content Consumption Craze and How to Feed It

With the start of 2018, we have looked at the ways our audience has reacted to and interacted with our content and here are some of our results.

Binge, binge, binge. Netflix adapted to this craze in 2017 by releasing their hit series Stranger Things in seasons of episodes at a time. And at least once a day on our personal pages, we see friends sharing their experiences staying up all night watching a season of Grey’s Anatomy or Friends.

Recipe: Batch content for followers to catch up with everything at one time. With photos or videos, try creating playlists or albums on YouTube or Facebook. Consider linking similar content together, past and present, series, etc.

Distribute wisely. There are three places to distribute your content; on your own platforms, social media platforms, and third party platforms.

Recipe: Utilize multiple distribution platforms. Create similar, linked content on your website, your social media, and on third-party sites. If it is available on many platforms, more people will be able to find it. Diversifying the distribution allows your viewers more options and variety than seeing the same posts over and over.

Find the format that fits. Seeing content that has the same colors, same visuals, same arrangement, with different words can be monotonous and boring to your audience. Spice things up!

Recipe: Based on the content you are publishing, find the best formatting option for that content. Formats include, video, audio, live broadcasts, text, and visuals. Try implementing weekly Live streams on Facebook or Instagram, or video postings for certain series. Podcasts are not often used but can create great results.

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