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Where, Oh Where, Can You Find Inspiration?

Content for your business usually will come from within. Many people use their marketing platforms to tell stories about their company. Be it testimonials, experiences, or their own story of founding the company. But where can you go when you’ve run completely dry on ideas?

Think a bit more visually. Try using the same forms of material as before, likely lists, or statistics, and format it into a decorative document to share alone or with a blog instead of stand-alone text. It’s not new ideas but making a strong change to the presentation will catch quite a few eyes.

Base content off something that interests you. Create content based in the form of recipes, or D-I-Y Tips, or maybe even a Beginners Guide. Try even getting a bit more specific and making theme-based promotion; medieval times, Disney films, or dog breeds. These are all wacky ways to get interesting and unique content for your brand!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. You can always take older creative content and re-purpose it for what is relevant today. Using past inspirations as current inspirations is a great way to stick to topics your viewers liked as well as putting a different spin on it. Also keep up to date on topics a lot of other people are talking about. If every purse manufacturer is now saying leather is out, maybe your company should also put out an opinionated statement on it too.

Content can be created and formatted in many ways. Know your business’s brand and find creative ways to stick to it. Contact us today to get your new content up and posting!

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