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3 Simple and Easy Ways to Improve Your Social Media Following

Have you been working tirelessly on your social media pages and there are still no results? Your followers haven’t shown any progress and your content isn’t getting noticed? These slight changes can make all the difference to increase your following!

Great minds think alike: Use social media to talk to other people! Connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with powerful influencers in your industry. Try to reach out directly or even just tag them in some of the posts you are creating in the hopes they share it. Automatically people who look for them are more likely to find your content. Same principal stands for people that might not be a major player in the industry. Try to connect with likely minded people or pages, they will be very willing to like, comment, and share your posts to help gain their following as well!

Educational Entertainment: Make your content educational and entertaining. People love following pages that will teach them something new with each post. Share unusual facts and stories to gain attention. At the same time, social media is a form of entertainment, so it is alright to have some humor and fun mixed in too!

Stay trendy: Continue to post content relevant to the times, and more importantly each day. Follow what’s trending on major sites, especially social media sites. Including hashtags that are present on that day or even week is a perfect way to get people following that hashtag to see your content. Follow memes, jokes, and ongoing discussion and find a way to become part of that discussion.

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