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5 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Next Social Media Campaign!

Launching a social media campaign, for the first time or the tenth time, can be scary! There are a lot of details to iron out and a lot of preparations to make. Ask yourself these questions before debuting your latest campaign!

  1. Will I be able to interact with my followers? Creating interactions with followers is very important in a social media campaign. Make sure that throughout its duration you have allocated time to view and respond to any messages, replies, or questions sent your way!

  2. Should I have incentives? Depending on what you are promoting, you may want to include some sort of promotional prize or give-away. People love free things, and they are very willing to tag 3 friends in a post and share on their profile for a chance to win a free oil change at your new location or qualify for a free regular manicure at your salon’s opening day party! Incentives are a great way for your followers to get involved and begin getting invested in your business, and it is a great way to network with their connections and reach an audience you don’t already have.

  3. Are my posts flexible? You can’t go anywhere and escape the news. Current events are flooding social media, televisions, radios, and advertisements. Try to make sure you allot a few posts, maybe one a day, to include something relevant. Your followers will feel more connected to your company when you mention that the money spend on oil changes today will be donated to preserve the tigers or to help hurricane victims.

  4. What time of day should I be posting? Before scheduling, make sure you have all of your analytics together. Find the best Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram times for you to gain the most following. Possibly, schedule a few days at different times and see how it goes. You can always change the schedule later!

  5. Should there be a theme? Finding a theme for a campaign may be its biggest asset. Possibly aim to do “Giving Tuesday” throughout November, or try to adapt to a national holiday, or even roll out a movie themed campaign to cater to a very broad audience.

Contact us today to plan out your next social media campaign!

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