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Instagram Hashtags That Will Double Your Likes!

Are you wondering why your Instagram posts aren't getting as much love as they deserve? Have you considered revamping your hashtag repertoire? Some of these hashtags seem simple but these are the best ones to boost you your Instagram post!

These general social media marketing hashtags are a great way to get other social media marketers In to see your post and possibly inquire about cross company collaboration! This is also a way to show your audience you are deliberately sharing these posts as a marketing technique and know how to grow your business on social media. Plenty of people each day tag these hashtags, and even more people follow them to gain the latest insights into social media marketing!

Another way to boost your following and likes is through contest! While contests in general can draw more attention to your pages, some of these hashtags can help them take an extra step.

Try to even include the name of your brand in front of any of these hashtags or at the end. Create your brand's twist on it. Having custom hashtags, will make it easier to keep track of and follow your brand! If a follower posts something with your brand’s hashtag, it will draw the attention of someone who has never heard of it and they will be guided to your page!

Be sure to keep track of Hashtagify and their list of the top trending hashtags to help boost your Instagram likes too. Connect with us to sign up for our Instagram course!

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