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How To Create A Social Media Content Calendar

A social media content calendar is one of the most useful marketing tools your business can have. It allows your to plan out and few, usually by month, what your social media posts will look like across all platforms. This will include campaigns, evergreen posts, and even interactions! How do you make one from scratch when you are brand new to planning your content? Let us show you!

Start with what you have. Look at the content you have already posted and see what can be reused and what can be re-purposed. Evergreen content will become the foundation for your calendar and the best starting point to springboard off of if you don’t have a campaign. It shows you what you already have and it especially points out what you’re missing and need to add to your posts!

Find “holiday” opportunities! There is a world of lists to discover what are now considered “social media holidays”. These days are not federal holidays but still call for a celebration! Recent ones include National Pet Day and National Margarita Day! These are great ways to involve hashtags into posts on that day and show your followers how socially aware you are!

See where you can incorporate a campaign! Is there a new product you are debuting? Is there a new client you have and want to show off? Build them into your calendar! Dedicate one day, week, or even a pattern to these different campaigns and what platforms to target it on. Add other things into your calendar too! Events you are hosting, big announcements

Create a digital calendar and separate it by platform. By doing this you can create an outline for each platform as well as the entirety of your social media marketing. Contact us today to start begin planning your social media content calendar!

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