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Text vs. Visual: A Content Showdown

On the left side we have text! Weighing in with an average of 200 characters, placed in every social media post, and very little variety!

On the right side we have visuals! Weighing in with HD quality, so much diversity, and difficulty to create!

The discussion of “Should I use text or visuals for my social media posts?” is completely misleading! This too often asked question makes it seem as though you can only use one or another for social media posts, which is not true. In fact, captivating and creative posts come from the utilization of both forms! Some platforms, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, rely primarily on visual content with text as an addition. While others such as Twitter and Facebook are usually based on text and sometimes visuals are added to spice up a timeline of posts. Visuals and text in regards to content, are not mutually exclusive!

When it comes to a text heavy platform, a blog post for example, use an engaging photo that ties into your post. If the blog is 10 Ways to Plant Spring Flowers consider creating a photo that will stretch across the length of the blog page with possibly 10 plant pots lined up next to each other. The visual in this case acts as a decoration but a decorative piece that also ties into the post too.

On the other hand, on visual heavy platforms, Instagram per se, use your visual to convey most of the information, or use it to catch attention. A photo of 10 plant pots might easily blend into someone’s feed. Use that picture of the 10 pots and creatively write the title of your blog on there or even list out the 10 ways on each pot. This will add an additional element to the photos you post and it will allow people to get the gist of the post in an entire picture. The related text can be the title of the post and a URL linking to the post itself with maybe some fun emojis. This limits the text but also includes it to make your post look complete!

Contact us today to begin planning visuals and text for your social media strategy!

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