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9 Ways To Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate (CTR)

One of the most crucial metrics in marketing is the click-through rate. It's a measure of how many people clicked on an email hyperlink, image, or call to action, and it can be calculated by dividing total clicks received by the messages that were delivered.

Click-through rate is important because it indicates how effective your email is at moving people through your marketing funnel. When improving your marketing campaigns, it’s extremely important to understand this metric so you can understand which part of your marketing funnel needs the most attention.

Email CTR along with A/B testing allows you to measure your performance in the following areas:

● Overall interest or email fatigue

● Email content

● Placement of your links

● Link quantity

● Type of media used

9 Ways To Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate

1. Subject Line Testing

Most people think of the content inside their email when trying to improve email CTR, however, you must entice your audience to open the email first. Creating catchy subject lines will encourage them to open and see your content, getting them one step closer to clicking through.

2. Shorter Copy

People have short attention spans, long emails increase the chances of someone getting bored before they get a chance to see your call to action or link. Make your email content short and sweet to get people to your offer faster.

3. Email List Segmentation

Segmenting your email list allows you to send messages to people who are at different levels of engagement with your brand. Your offer may not appeal to everyone at every point of your marketing funnel, so hitting them with the same emails may get them closer to tuning you out or worse yet, unsubscribing from your email list altogether. Segment your lists and deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

4. Send Targeted Content

This goes right along with list segmentation. You must consider what each portion of your audience wants to hear from you and when they need to hear it. Doing so will get more people to click on your offer because the content will be speaking directly to them.

5. Email Personalization

Your prospects want content that speaks to them. Examples of data you should know to personalize your email content include purchase history, website activity, satisfaction scores, and download history. Creating personalized email content for people that have downloaded a free ebook, for example, could make it easier to convert those people over to your paid courses or products.

6. Remove Distractions

Humans are distracted easily. Ditch the bloated designs, headers, unrelated offers, anything else that will distract your audience from the purpose of the email you’re sending and the offer you’re putting in front of them.

7. Include a P.S.

People typically will scan through emails, we need to embrace it and through a P.S. in there to reiterate your offer. The P.S. will draw their eye and will allow your offer to visually call out to them.

8. Limited Time Offers

Giving your email audience a sense of urgency encourages them to take action now, increasing your email click-through rate, and discouraging procrastination. Stick to your word, if it’s a limited-time offer, stick to the expiration date or your audience will see right through your tactics.

9. Mobile Optimization

43% of email users check their email on mobile devices 4 or more times per day. You could be missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your click-through rate with mobile users if your emails are not optimized for faster load times and smaller screens.

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