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Business To Consumer Marketing Strategies

Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing Strategies

Marketing consumer products and services require a different strategy than when targeting businesses. You must grab their attention and keep it when attention spans are at all-time lows.

Business to consumer (B2C) marketing strategies and those associated with business to business (B2B) have many similarities, however, there are some stark differences.

We will discuss some B2C marketing strategies that you can implement as part of your overall strategy and why they work so well.

Business to Consumer Marketing Strategies

Some marketing strategies are universal to both B2C and B2B, however, we will discuss how each strategy aligns with marketing to consumers.

Brand Connection with Consumers

People want to feel like they can depend on your brand and that creates a connection. Focus on what you do best, who you serve best, and how you can speak to their wants and desires.

This comes down to understanding your audience and putting your best foot forward for them. Once you figure out what they want and need, that will give you something to put in front of consumers across multiple platforms.

Start with your brand first.

Consumer Content Marketing

Create images, infographics, videos, and informative articles on your website that will help consumers understand the brands you represent. Recipes, guides and other content that provide content that your audience is searching for can attract organic traffic from sites like Google and Bing.

Also, create content outside of your website and social media platforms to keep them engaged and wanting more.

Generating shares and likes across different platforms keeps people talking about your brand while you're hooking them in deeper with each post they see from you.

Make your content shareable and entertaining to keep consumers engaged with your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Business to consumer marketing strategies have a different social media approach than B2B.

Interacting in social media groups where your ideal audience hangs out is a great opportunity as well. Whether you offer products to people that love a sports team or you provide services to people who love cycling in your city, there are social media groups where they congregate. There are also local groups that are community pages for different cities and neighborhoods that you can provide value to gain brand awareness.

Commenting on other stories and videos that are trending with a great comment or question can gain brand awareness as well.

Don't forget about social media ads, people are on social for 2-6 hours per day, capitalize by giving your brand some name recognition and you can generate leads for your products and services through social media ads as well.

Build Social Proof

Generating new testimonials and reviews are integral to a successful business-to-consumer marketing strategy. Consumers want to know that people like them liked your product or service so they can remove the stress of making a decision. It's all part of understanding buyer psychology.

Offer discount coupons to your previous customers or email them for feedback. Especially if they like your product and want to buy again, give them something for taking their time to write a review.

Get influencers involved by giving products away for free, if they like what you're offering enough that they promote it on their platforms then that's someone who's going to say great things about your brand and products.

The reason why this works well is because consumers want to feel like they can depend on you, someone who they consider an authority of their space.

Invest in the relationship with them and build a solid connection, which will help your business grow as your influence grows with people.

Consumer Email Marketing

Sure, there are many different ways to reach your consumers online, but one of the most important things to have with them is email.

Email marketing allows you to nurture your relationship with people over time and build trust by rewarding people for signing up.

Create an email list on your website through services like MailChimp . Provide content that's of value to your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Give discounts, promotions, product updates, and other information in emails that they're going to want to read through when you have something new for them.


This is just a small list of all the different ways that you can use digital marketing strategies to get your brand out there.

There are other options to get your brand out through social media influencers, search engines optimization for lead generation and running paid search ads.

Using a combination of media is a great way to generate leads and increase your brand awareness.

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