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Do I Need An Email Newsletter?

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

There are so many things to keep track of when it comes to marketing. Consumers and businesses can get stuck on deciding between specific marketing strategies and getting hung up on how to execute on them. One question that many people as is whether or not they need an email newsletter.

Every marketing strategy has value, however, determining how valuable a marketing channel is depends on what stage your business is and other factors like how big your contact list is and how easy it is to reach your customers.

We will discuss other questions you should ask yourself when determining whether or not you need an email newsletter.

Do I Have Multiple Products or Services I Can Sell to the Same Customer?

Email marketing is a great way to get in touch with customers. If you have more than one product or service that you can sell to the same customer, you could probably benefit from an email newsletter.

Think about why someone would be on your list: it's because they bought something from you. If they've already bought one thing from, an email list could be a great opportunity to continue to provide value and offer them something else you have for sale.

Email newsletters can be used to discuss other problems that your prospects have and the solutions you offer for those problems. Newsletters can be great for offering discounts or sales, releasing new products or services, or reminding people why they bought your product in the first place.

If we have an email marketing client, we could discuss social media marketing strategies in a newsletter and give the client's the opportunity to consult with us on how that strategy can work for their business.

Do You Offer Subscriptions or Retainers?

If clients are paying you on a regular basis, email newsletters are a great way of reminding them of what they are paying for. Your subscribers or retainees will want to know that they are getting something for what they're paying, even when they aren't directly utilizing the services or products you offer.

Talking about how other clients are using your services or products is one way to increase utilization of your services and create more value in your customer's mind. For example, Handy Andy Repair, a Nashville Handyman Service that offers subscription maintenance services, emails their subscribers to talk about the different things they do for Spring and Winter maintenance. They also talk about specific situations where their services have saved property owners $1,000's with a focus on maintaining their home instead of just repairing.

Is Your Reputation Important to You?

Word-of-mouth and referrals are extremely valuable. They are sales that have no additional cost of acquisition and are easier to convert. It's not enough to fulfill on your brand's promise and deliver good customer service, you must stay top of mind.

Email newsletters are a great way to do this.

A newsletter is an opportunity for you to stay top of the mind with your customers, especially if you aren't in contact with them on a daily basis. If you offer regular tips that provide value and solve problems your clients care about then they will think of you when they need what you offer and when someone they know is a good fit for your products or services.


If you're asking yourself, "Do I need an email newsletter?" chances are that an email newsletter could help you build out a well-rounded marketing plan that will help you generate more sales, create more brand loyalty, and get more people talking about your brand behind your back... in a good way.

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