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How to Use Instagram For Marketing Success

Instagram can be one of the best tools for marketing your business on social media. People are addicted to constantly swiping, liking, and commenting on photos. You can attract new followers for your brand, promote your products and services, and stay top of mind with your audience. You can also waste a great deal of time on social media if you don't have a well-thought-out strategy in place.

We will discuss what an effective strategy looks like and share some tips with you so you can craft the perfect Instagram strategy for your brand.

Who typically uses Instagram?

Instagram is mostly used by Millennials and younger generations. According to a study performed in July 2021, over 70% of Instagram users are over the age of 35 with 31.4% of users between the ages of 25 and 34, making it a favorite amongst Millennials. Almost 60% of Instagram users are female, but that doesn't mean that it can't be effective for other demographics. There are ways to use Instagram without being too "Millennial" about it. We'll get into some tips for everyone later in this article.

What types of businesses might benefit from using Instagram?

Brands can use Instagram to directly target Millennials and younger generations, which is the largest demographic on the platform, however, there are many other reasons why brands should consider adding Instagram to their social media marketing strategy.

● Brands can effectively reach millions of people quickly on Instagram

● Brands can show off their products and services in a unique way that makes them stand out from the competition.

● People can quickly view photos and videos which gives brands more opportunities to catch their audience's attention.

Tips for Instagram Marketing Success

Scientists have given a timeframe to what is considered a moment: 2 seconds. Even the average attention span on Facebook for video content is, you guessed it, 2 seconds. We have just 2 seconds where your audience is present and is engaged with what you're posting. Here are some tips to keep them engaged with your content.

Use Hashtags

Instagram has made it easier than ever to discover content related to what you're posting so be sure to use relevant hashtags in your posts. You can also find popular trending hashtags that people are already engaging with on the explore page by scrolling to the top and clicking on the magnifying glass.

Be Creative With Your Content

People want to see quality content so be sure to post your product or services in unique ways that catch their attention. Show them how you use it or why they should buy it. Take advantage of video content by adding a quick clip of your company at work, promoting a new product, or teaching something.

Be Consistent

To have success on Instagram it is important to be consistent with both the quality and quantity of your posts. Set up a posting schedule in advance so you can stay on top of publishing content for your followers to see without worrying about what might be left out. You can use a tool for scheduling Instagram posts like Hootsuite, or you can save your content in Google Sheets for you to post later.

Post to Instagram and Facebook at the Same Time

Facebook owns Instagram, so of course, Facebook was going to make it easy for you to share your content on both platforms. When you go through the prompts for posting your Instagram post, there will be a checkbox next to "Facebook". Click that box and your posts will be shared to Instagram and Facebook at the same time. This helps multiply your social media efforts.

Don't Overdo It With The Hashtags

You should be using about 11 hashtags per post. There are tools to track how often you're using your most used hashtags. Focus on the ones that are most relevant to your post, and remember, less is more.

Don't Be Too Salesy

Don't make every post on Instagram feel like a sales pitch. Talk about the company culture and what drives your employees to be passionate about their work. If you are constantly pushing your products or services on someone, they will unfollow you or just start ignoring your posts which will cause your posts to show up less in their feed.

Represent Your Brand On Instagram In a Natural Way

Remember that people love stories. Tell the story of your brand in a natural way and invite them to take part in it. If you do that, people will want to learn more and it won't feel forced. That's the key to marketing success on Instagram.

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