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Are You  Looking For Affordable Digital Marketing Help?

At our company we take pride in the work we do and we love what we do! We would like to assist you in growing your digital presence so you can focus on what you do best! We will create a custom Digital Marketing plan to help you find new clients and improve your brand awareness. We help our clients with social media marketing, email marketing, text marketing and many other digital services.

By working with Refresh Fresh we can help you to bring in new clients, keep your name fresh for past clients, and make sure your message is delivered to your target audience..  

 Let us help you by doing what we love so you can spend your time doing what you love!

Are you using Social Media or Email Marketing to help your business succeed? 76% of female realtors and 73% of male realtors use social media for professional use!

48% of all Real Estate firms cited keeping up with technology as one of the biggest challenges facing their firm in the next two years.

Did You Know: 93% of realtors say they most often prefer to communicate with their clients through email, 92% of realtors say they prefer text messaging, and 37% say they prefer to communicate through social media channels. Why not market your business directly on the platforms you prefer to communicate with clients through!

Liz Morris recommends Refresh Fresh.

September 1

 Emily Grammer of Refresh Fresh was tremendously instrumental is laying the ground work for my online presence as a Realtor.  Her keen insights and professional services were helpful.  Her diligent work pre-pandemic allowed us to remain top-of-mind to clients when most other Realtors went dark!  We much appreciated her services. - Facebook

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