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Make Your Marketing Spooky This Season

Halloween is one of the largest and most celebrated holidays in the nation. Much like other major holidays, people are increasingly spending more yearly on decorations, food, and DIY projects.

Advertising your company during the month of October (usually seen as “Halloween Month”) can be tricky if you do not implement simple spooky holiday strategies into your marketing plan. If you begin planning Halloween ideas in advance, drawing in an audience during October will be no problem.

Follow hashtags and social media trends. Common hashtags often include popular costume ideas, pumpkin spice, and Halloweekend. See if any of your posts can include common tags like these. People also tend to opt into pet costumes and absolutely love seeing photos, so add a festive furry friend to your posts.

Not only do contests draw in an audience year-round, Halloween time is even more ideal for hosting something through your business. Try a submission based contest for costume or best Halloween house decorations.

Decorate your business. Physical decorations are not the only ones that matter. Decorate your social media. Create custom photos for your profile. Try changing the company’s theme colors to orange and black for the month and maybe try to add a cobweb to the logo too. Don’t forget to post pictures of your decorated office too!

Create original ideas and DIY projects! Your customers will be so thrilled to see yet another project to tackle this season, but they will likely reach out to show you their final product. This is a great opportunity to interact personally with your clientele.

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