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Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Email Marketing is one of the strongest forms of marketing a business can partake in. However, it can be a company’s worst investment if it is not utilized properly. Always keep an eye out for what people dislike most about being part of an email list.

  1. Do not send the same email to every person on your contact list. Rather, segment your contacts and send information relevant to them. Personalization with email is key to not only build, but keep your audience engaged. See Marketing Land’s personalization statistics.

  2. Do not ignore your marketing analytics. This is where you can see what your audience liked or disliked. It is important to utilize these statistics and implement the results for future emails.

  3. Do not make your subscribers wait to hear from you. Especially after the initial sign up. Keep them engaged and send a welcome email. Check out Target Marketing’s ‘Thanks for Subscribing’ examples.

  4. Do not allow your subscribers to feel disconnected. By not having a steady flow or consistency with emails, your audience will not feel engaged with the company. Refresh Fresh can give you a quote on automated, and personalized emails for your audience.

  5. Do not send an email with typos or errors. A potential client hates nothing more than seeing a word spelled incorrectly, or a fragmented sentence. Double, and triple check everything that is being sent with your company name.

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