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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Every company is different. Different marketing styles, audiences, and products to promote. Twitter made its rise shortly after development as one of the most frequented social media platforms and it has stayed at the top for quite some time. To figure out if tweeting is in your company’s future, ask yourself these questions.

1. Can you express your thoughts in 140 characters or less?

Twitter is heavily known for its restriction of character use. It allows each Tweet to contain 140 characters or less which is so much fewer than you may think. If your post will likely be lengthier and need to contain a lot of information Twitter will not be the best option. If you will mostly be posting quick, concise statements Twitter is the perfect outlet.

2. Do you post a lot of links to pictures, or videos, or blogs?

Social Media Lab by Agorapulse found that a Tweet that did not have pictures, videos, or links to it had less interaction than a tweet that did contain an attachment. While Twitters word count is low, they highly encourage the use of attachments in tweets. Twitter is a perfect place to advertise your business visual products.

3. Are you looking to connect with big names and profiles?

Unlike Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter gives you an easily accessible function to share something someone else said. If you are using popular influences such as renowned companies or celebrities, you can easily utilize the Retweet function to allow your audience to see that post on your profile as well. Twitter also verifies profiles for you to directly interact with big companies and celebrities.

If you think Twitter or any other platform is right for you, contact us TODAY to schedule your free call for a social media evaluation!

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