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3 Common Lies About Social Media Marketing

When working on your social media marketing strategy, do not fall into these 3 very common lies!

Use the same content on all social media.

The most common misconception with social media marketing is that one piece of content should be posted on all forms of social media. That is not at all true! Moreover, it is not even suitable for all types of social media. A long winded wordy piece is not meant to be on Instagram as a long caption and a piece of throw away stock footage. You should be keeping visual content on visual forms of social media and text heavy content on social media used for reading posts. Cater your content to your platforms.

Post original OR curated content

Many marketers are convinced that they should only post content created by them, or they should only post content from other creators. These two forms of content are not mutually exclusive! By posting a variety of original content as well as commentary on already created content, you show your followers you are doing research in the industry and are aware of other content, while also working on your business.

Free posts are more natural.

Some may saw that only the free social media is the most effective because it comes off ass the most natural and “organic”. However, that may not always be the case. While it is natural and can sometimes fit more seamlessly into a social media feed, a paid post or featured post can grab a bit of extra attention that can easily be lost between every other cute puppy photo or fresh entrée.

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