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Searching for your Business’s Perfect Search Terms

Finding a sweet spot between easy to find words and tailored words is very important when discovering keywords for your company. Creating that balance will guide your audience to your website.

When choosing keywords that are easy to find simply think like a customer. At a clothing store keywords might be “women’s activewear, men’s shorts, children’s sleepwear” and the list can go on. Basic keywords can be any general category that a customer is likely to think of when they hear the name of your business.

Tailoring keywords to your company can be the tricky part. If your clothing company sold T-Shirts that allow customers to tan while wearing them, “women’s tanning shirts” is a great custom tag. If company specific tags are not that easy to find, see what BackLinkO calls niche topics.

Often, programs like Google Keyword Planner designed to output markets based on a sample keyword only give options that contain the word given and therefore are very closely related. However, niche topics are never utilized and create an abundance of limited competition keywords.

When using custom keywords, be sure to apply them throughout your entire social media strategy. Sprinkling them everywhere can be beneficial because it will allow your audience on all platforms the opportunity to be exposed to these words frequently. It will also help your audience to easily navigate to your website even then you are not actively promoting it.

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